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Sunday, reverse run

8:00 am — ran in reverse direction from usual across brooklyn Bridge and then Manhattan bridge.  I will never do that direction again. Too difficult to motivate to run up the Manhattan bridge from Manhattan. 4.0 miles 45 minutes.

8:50 sun salutations 3 rounds interrupted by toddler wanting breakfast. 1 more round and one set of pushups about 20 minutes later.

Pedometer: 6,700 steps

Later: another approximately 3000 steps

Saturday, restful day

Spent the day in a course on First Aid, CPR and the use of an AED (automated external defibrillator).

Pedometer: 4000 steps

Sat am for Friday

Walked and worked –6:30 to 11:45 am 

Pedometer: 10387 Steps

Walked — leisurely 4:30 -6:00 

Pedometer: 3803 steps

10:00 — while watching the presidential debate stretches, two sets of 12 pushups, (half on knees) one arm rows with 11 pounds – 2 sets,  1 set 3 pound shoulder flys

Post vacation

Got back from vacation on Monday : Walked, taught Toss Your Toddler dance class, walked.

Tuesday: Walked, walked more, walked more –7:00 am to 8:45am — 12:00-1:00 — Can’t remember what else.

Wednesday: walked, walked, stretched, walked, push ups (2 sets) one arm rows (2 sets), walked. Walked more and while carrying Mateo in the Ergo.  Found pedometer to resume using on Thursday.

Thursday, Sept. 25th

7:00am — ran to Cadman Plaza park, 4 loops ran home — 2.5 miles (23 minutes)

7:30 — 4 rounds Sun salutation

Pedometer: 4100 Steps

8:50 — 12:30pm — Carried Mateo in the ergo to train to Park Slope, played with Mateo, (running, jumping, falling, stretching, throwing balls, etc.) ran errands, carried Mateo to train and to home (up stairs at York street station– 25 pound toddler, 2 10 pound bags.)

Pedometer: 11950 steps.

Wednesday, vacation tomorrow

6:30- 1:00 Walking, some stretching

Pedometer: 12975 steps.

Tomorrow starts vacation, unsure what if any computer access therefore I will take the week off from the pedometer. Who knows what kind of activity I’ll be doing for the next 5 days…..


7:10 am – Brisk walk, 15, moderately brisk 45 minutes, stretch, brisk 15 minutes

Pedometer: 8875 Steps

10:15 – 1:00 –Pedometer 3331 steps

2:30 — walk to Brooklyn Heights, forgot pedometer, walked 45 minutes, sat, did bench pushups, 

5:15 — Walk home 20 minutes fast pushing stroller.


8:45 Brisk walk 15 min. 

Leisurely walks and light stretching

11:00 am taught Sling Your Baby dance class, did wall pushups

12:05 brisk walk 10 min.

12:30 brisk walk 10 min then more leisurely walking until 1:30

2:40 Scootercise (for definition see Lynne’s fitness adventures) and then carrying scooter and toddler.

3:15 Toss Your Toddler class

4:15 light walking, some scootercise and some carrying toddler 5:45.

Pedometer:16749– didn’t wear during Toss Your Toddler class


8:00am – Run from Bridge Street along York to Washington, down to Front Street to Fulton Landing to hill to Columbia Heights, to Promenade, to Remsen to City Hall building, through Cadman Plaza, past Post Office, 2 loops around Cadman Plaza Park ( 2 with 2 sprints on 2nd loop), to Washington Street, walked home. 

Forgot pedometer….


7:15 run — 4.7 miles across Manhattan Bridge, back across Brooklyn Bridge, extra through Cadman Plaza. 

Pedometer: 8302 Steps (3 foot step seems to be accurate for the runs.)

8:10 am — sun salutes

12:00 pm –legs up the wall relaxation (10 minutes) — my legs really needed that after the mornings run.

2:35 pm –brisk walk/run to Fort Greene Park (I left the house late, so I needed to run) 

3:00-5:00 –played in park with Mateo

5:00-6:30 Walk from park to Lafayette and Fulton Streets, sit, bus ride, then walk from Fulton Landing to Bridge Street. 

Pedometer:18135 Steps

9:45 light stretches