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Thursday, Week 6, day 3

5:55 am – Slow walk to client. Ran 4 Columbia Heights hills and Promenade. Total of 2 miles

8:45 Pedometer: 8259 Steps

3:30 – walk/scootercise, throwing rocks, more walk

Pedometer total: 11308

Wednesday, Week 6, Day 2

Pedometer: 10887 Steps, just walking and some somersaults, abdominal exercises with and wrestling my toddler Mateo on the bed.

Tuesday, Week 6, day 1

6:00 AM brisk 15 min. walk followed by run, 3 loops around Cadman Plaza Park. Leg stretches

8:35 9378 Steps

10:20 forgot pedometer for walk and park playing

4:00-6:00 More park playing 

Pedometer: 12868 Steps


Steps: 13519

Other activity: taught Sling Your Baby dance class.

Sunday, ran again

Ran later in the day, after eating breakfast 9:45am. Did 3 mile then walked about 1 mile more. Did leg stretching and 1 set low, but not on the ground pushups (maybe 10 -12 inches off ground). 

Pedometer: 6442 Steps

Fort Greene park, play and walk and some tennis. Carried 25 pounds of sleeping Mateo.

Pedometer: 13310 Steps

Saturday, ran bridges

7:45 – Ran Manhattan Bridge and looped down to Brooklyn Bridge and it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be; it’s that long hill up the second bridge that is painful, it’s shorter on the Brooklyn Bridge so it felt a little easier and that bridge is much more beautiful to look a so that helps. Continued to Tillary street and did 12 pushups on the wall while waiting for the walk signal so I could cross the street. Ran back through Cadman Plaza Park, then to Almondine bakery (bought a delicious apple turnover, I’m sure it had more calories than I burned…).  Walk home carrying the goodies from Almondine and a 10 pound bag of kitty litter on my hip as if it was a child.

Pedometer:8600 Steps (ran just over 4 miles)

Did mild stretching and somersaults with Mateo and now I have a pain in my left shoulder blade so I couldn’t do weights as planned. I guess I’m too old to do somersaults?!?!??!

Friday for Friday

7:00 am – 11:00 am Various walks around Park Slope

Pedometer: 6824 steps

3:30- 6:30 – Various park activities: throwing rocks, sliding on slides, carrying 25 pounds of Mateo

Pedometer: 11166 steps

Thursday, written on Friday

6:00 am brisk walk

6:15 – 6:40 run with 4 Columbia Heights hills, stretching

7:10 -7:25 walk

3:00 pm  -walk to park, slides, throw rocks.

5:00 carry toddler 10 minutes.

forgot pedometer

Wednesday, written on friday

7:05 am walk, 7:30 more walk until 8:30, then more walk until 9:00am

10:00 am more walk

10:15 –Pedometer: 1300 Steps

Can’t remember the rest of the day, but it involved walking to Harry Chapin playground: pushing swings and sliding on a slide.

Tuesday, way too much activity!

6:00 AM brisk walk to work followed by 20 plus minutes running, light leg stretching. Brisk walk 25 minutes. Moderate walk 45 minutes. light stretching. Brisk 15 minute walk. 8:45am

Steps: 13900 Steps

10:15 – 1:00 Moderate walk and playground playing, with 12 minutes carrying 25 pounds of tired toddler.

3:45 – 6:00 Moderate walk, scootercise, chasing a frisbee, more scootercise, then pulling the exhausted 25 pound toddler while he stood on his scooter.

Steps: 21691