7th Week Post Partum and Future Plans

This will be the last regular entry on this blog.

This week I also was not very active at least not consistently on the stuff I wanted to be doing. Very few pushups or rows, or abdominals or Kegels even. All of those things I need to focus on again. I had my 6 week post partum visit with my midwife. Good news: my daughter is 9 pounds 15 ounces. Bad news: I do have diastasis recti. Seems to be about a 2 finger width. If I engage my transverse abdominis before I lift my head it disappears, but other wise it is there. I will continue to focus on closing the diastasis and especially on getting and keeping the transverse abdominis strong. All other aspects of my health are as they should be: strong and slow heart rate, low blood pressure, no damage after two vaginal births. I shall continue with my physical activity, it’s important for my children to see me active. Check my blog Lynne’s Fitness Adventures for updates and tips on keeping active with two children!

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