(I am very early into my second pregnancy. So, the log for the last few weeks has been a record of my pregnancy activity! (10-16-08) I’m on week 6, day 3. (11-30-08) Update: According to the ultrasound I may actually be a week further along than I am writing, in other words I may just have a 39 week pregnancy. We shall see.)


This is my fitness activity log. As a personal trainer, I have frequently recommended to clients to use an activity log to keep track of what the actually do for exercise. Having a log is helpful for many things, but most especially helpful for maintaining motivation. You can look and see exactly what you have done for activity on each day. 

The rules for my activity log:

1) All physical activity is included, not just organized exercise time.

2) Maintain a daily record.

3) Wear a pedometer to record steps taken.

4) How I feel at the end of day regarding activity (too much, too little, just right).

What I wish to achieve with this log is to have an accurate record of exactly what I am doing physically, especially if/when I become pregnant with my second child.

Additional rules:

5)  Record as it occurs; do not rely on recall!!!! (added 8-24-08)

6) Change to weekly log, but keep daily log on paper. I have been unable to input the data on a daily basis, so I will input weekly at the end of each pregnancy week. (12/29/08)

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