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Week 12, Day 4

8:12 — 25 minutes moderate walking

11:35 — 20 minutes brisk walking

2:00 — 20 minutes moderate walking

Week 12, Day 3

Thanksgiving Day: Cooked and ate and that was it, no physical activity other than kneading bread and lifting a fairly light turkey.

Week 12, Day 2

10:00 am — (no pedometer, Mateo wanted to borrow it and only walked 2380 steps in the morning, not enough for a young child, too much stroller time)

11:15 am — Muller barre, not a ballet barre, but a modern barre, based on the Muller technique created by Jennifer Muller of Jennifer Muller / The Works modern dance company. (I studied with the company and was on scholarship there in what feels like a completely different life). It felt wonderful! I mean better than wonderful, fantastic! My back didn’t even flare up. That’s why I had left dance for a few years; I have a herniated disc that pushes on both the left and right nerve roots and caused excruciatingly, debilitating pain for a couple of years, but no pain this time. I guess by having a child, taking the time off from dance, then starting to dance bit by bit with Mateo and changing the classes as he got older allowed my body to adjust and myself to get back to a bit of dance. Of course part of the motivation is the little one is my belly, I’m sure he/she enjoys all the movement. 

I also did pushups, rows, an inversion, stretching and a little relaxation.

Spent the rest of the day cooking, and prepping to cook with dancing with Mateo in between.

Week 12, Day 1

6:00 am 15 min brisk walk. Did not run due to rainy weather.

7:15 am 10 minute walk, leisurely.

7:30 am 40 minute walk, leg stretch.

8:25 am 13 minute brisk walk, followed by 18 minutes super brisk walk while pushing stroller through the rain. Followed by 10 minutes brisk walk.

10:10 am — 10 minute brisk walk.

11:00 am –30 minutes walk with one 5 minute break.

Pedometer: 16838 steps

4:00 pm — Walk to Cadman Plaza park followed by playing with toddlers and a bit of scootercise. (When does Mateo qualify as a preschooler instead of a toddler? He hasn’t been toddling since he was about one…) Walk home with a bit of carrying scooter and Mateo.

Pedometer total: 20038 steps  (tired at end of day, but good tired)

Oh, at the doctors yesterday, the doctor said that the baby was looking bigger than the 12 weeks, so they said it was really 13 weeks. I’ll leave my log the way it is with the dates and just look forward to a 29 week pregnancy instead of 40 weeks….

Week 11, Day 7

Writing this, again, 5 days late:  Did not wear pedometer. Walked in Manhattan various, not too much, maybe 4000 steps total.

2:45 left to teach Creative Movement class. Lot’s of movement, dancing, balancing, jumping and walzing while carrying 4 different kids (one at a time), the lightest was 26 pounds. The rest were 30 plus pounds.  After class did a bit of the toddler partnering from Toss Your Toddler, including Shoulder stand, where Mateo balances on my shoulders — good whole body stabilizing. Carried the 26 pounder and his scooter about 10 minutes after class.

Week 11, Day 4

8:25 am – moderate walk 15 minutes, 10 minute brisk walk

10:00 am – moderate walk with errands 30 minutes

12:00 pm – 10 minute brisk walk

12:30 pm – 30 minutes walk (10 moderate, 20 brisk)

Pedometer: 10461 steps

Week 11, Day 3

7:10 am – brisk 15 minute walk

7:40 am – moderate 40 minute walk, 

8:30 am – 11 minutes brisk jog, followed by 3 minutes on the step.

Pedometer: 7964 steps

Week 11, Day 2

This is being written on Week 11, Day 6, I’m a bit behind:

Activity that I remember doing: 8:00 moderate 15 minute walk, more moderate walking, 12:00 brisk 10 minute walk. 12:45 brisk 15 minute walk. No pedometer…

Week 10, Day 6

No activity so far, household cleaning and chores. Maybe sun salute later? maybe some weights? Stretching?

Nope, nothing later.

Week 11, Day 1

7:00 Leisurely 20 minute walk

7:25 moderate walk 45 minutes

8:30 brisk walk 15 minutes

15 minutes obstacle course with Mateo

Pedometer total: 8200 steps