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Monday, October 6th

7:25 – 10:30 Walked to Brooklyn Heights and back between clients.

2:30 – back to Brooklyn Heights to teach Toss Your Toddler class. Lots of running, jumping, tossing, falling, rolling, spinning, partnering, lunges while carrying 25 pound toddler.

4:00 – 5:30 – Walk home by way of throwing rocks into the water.

Sunday, October 5th

Walked to Fort Greene Park from home, forgot pedometer. Also, played a little tennis (15 minutes). Walked home from Cadman Plaza.

Saturday, Oct. 4

10:00 AM – short neighborhood walk

12:00PM- 1:15 PM — taught fitness for parents, babies and toddlers workshop.

Forgot pedometer

Friday, Oct. 3rd

6:00 AM – Walked to client, ran two hills on Columbia Heights, then promenade (approx. 20 min. ) light leg stretching. 

Various walking between clients. Pedometer total: 12,000 steps


Okay, forgot to write yesterday. Walked quite a bit, but not fast: Pedometer: 9850 steps

What day is it? 5th?

7:05-8:45  – Moderate, followed by more moderate, followed by 15 minutes brisk walking and a bit of a jog.

Pedometer: 9000

9:40 – 1:15  – Leisurely to moderate with a sprint to catch a bus (carrying toddler) to go to the zoo.

Pedometer: 17,650

4:30 – 6:45 – Brisk scootercise to find lost toy monkey at the farmer’s market and then home after play in Cadman Plaza, Pushups (2 sets of 10 on toes, 3 inch incline)

9:15 Stretches?

(Actually stretched closer to 10:00pm, but did d.dogs, lunge stretches, upward dogs, spiral and isometrics for legs and back)

4th Day

Today was less active, but the rest was needed.

8:15 Brisk 13 minute walk

10:00 Brisk 40 minute walk with one stop for groceries.

Pedometer: 6196 steps

4:30 moderate walks to and around Park Slope some carrying Mateo.

7:45 Pedometer 12848 steps

3rd day – Too much walking!

6:00 am Brisk 15 minute walk to client. 

7:15 leisurely stoll to next client

7:25 long walk

8:30 brisk walk home

8:45 am  Pedometer read 8950 steps

(Decided to remove pedometer when inside house.)

11:05 am Leisurely stroll with two year old.

11:20 – 11:30 am Brisk walk carrying 25 pound toddler in Ergo Baby Carrier

12:20 -1:15 pm Brisk Walk carrying 25 pound sleeping toddler in Ergo Baby Carrier. Pedometer read 13956 steps.

5:00 – 5:15 pm Scootercise to store.

5:15-5:30 pm Leisurely stroll home from store. 

Pedometer total: 16327 (no wonder I’m tired, that’s a lot of steps! Pedometers aren’t always accurate, but when I checked this one is seems to be very close to accurate. I will do more research, keep your eyes open for that in the future.

10:15 Stretches about 10 minutes