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Week 12, Day 5

9:00 am – Run!  Ran the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge loop, without the extra in Cadman Plaza Park. It felt pretty good, until the bottom of the Brooklyn Bridge, then getting up the incline of the bridge was really, really tough with difficulty breathing and I went very slow. Then down the hill was fine. Total 3.75 miles plus another half mile walking. 

10:00 am — Yoga, pushups (two on toes each set of 8 reps), one arm rows with 11 pounds, stretches, big backbend. I am dreading the day when I can’t lie on my back because the baby is pressing on my vena cava….

Pedometer: 7727 Steps

Nothing much the rest of the day, except chasing Mateo around Macy’s. That involved a few sprint to catch him before he was lost behind a rack of clothing and many other people.

Week 12, Day 2

10:00 am — (no pedometer, Mateo wanted to borrow it and only walked 2380 steps in the morning, not enough for a young child, too much stroller time)

11:15 am — Muller barre, not a ballet barre, but a modern barre, based on the Muller technique created by Jennifer Muller of Jennifer Muller / The Works modern dance company. (I studied with the company and was on scholarship there in what feels like a completely different life). It felt wonderful! I mean better than wonderful, fantastic! My back didn’t even flare up. That’s why I had left dance for a few years; I have a herniated disc that pushes on both the left and right nerve roots and caused excruciatingly, debilitating pain for a couple of years, but no pain this time. I guess by having a child, taking the time off from dance, then starting to dance bit by bit with Mateo and changing the classes as he got older allowed my body to adjust and myself to get back to a bit of dance. Of course part of the motivation is the little one is my belly, I’m sure he/she enjoys all the movement. 

I also did pushups, rows, an inversion, stretching and a little relaxation.

Spent the rest of the day cooking, and prepping to cook with dancing with Mateo in between.

Week 11, Day 6

Morning run, not sure how long since I added 4 errands in the middle of the run: 1 1/2 loops Cadman Plaza Park, bank on Montague Street, over and down to Jay Street to Sid’s hardware, continued down Jay to Sands Street, to Pearl Street to buy bagels, then back to Jay Street to buy Orange juice… I didn’t run the last block home…  Sun salutations and light stretching: quad on belly, bow pose, inner thighs.

Steps: 5854  3 miles

6:00pm brisk walk with a couple minutes jog, then more brisk walking for 25 minutes to bring the stroller to meet Guillermo and the sleeping Mateo at bus stop.

Pedometer total: 8268 Steps

Week 11, Day 5

8:30 am? morning run — I didn’t look at the clock, about 25 minutes. 2 1/2 loops around Cadman Plaza Park (super cold and windy, planned on doing 3 1/2 loops, but too cold), down Clark Street to the Promenade, down to Water Street, stopped at the bakery, and store for orange juice, brisk walk/jog in between stores and home. Too cold to walk only. 

4 rounds of the sun salutation, 2 sets 6 repetitions (on my knees) pushups, 2 sets 1 arm rows (8 pounds, 12 reps) and stretches!  Mateo joined for a somersault, upward dog and other stretches. First time back doing these type of exercises in a long time: the worst of the 1st trimester is over!!!!!

Pedometer: 5139 Steps

12:30 – 7:30 — various moderate walking around Macy’s.

Pedometer: 12218 Steps

Week 10, Day 2

6:00 Am — 15 minute brisk walk, 25 minute run (3 loops Cadman Plaza), leg stretches

7:10 AM — 15 minute brisk walk,

8:45 AM — 15 minute brisk walk

10:30 AM — taught Creative Movement class for 2.5 and 3 year olds — lot’s of running, jumping, dancing, spinning and general trying to keep the kids focused on what we were doing. — did not wear pedometer during class

11:55 — relaxed for 5 minutes with my legs up a wall 

12:00 PM —  leisurely walk and play 45 minutes

Pedometer: 11513

Week 9, Day 6

9:30 – run 3 1/2 loops around Cadman Plaza Park, down Clark Street to Promenade, to Columbia Heights hill and down to Water Street. Approximately 30 minutes. 4630 steps

10:10 brisk walk home

pedometer: 5620

Week 9, Day 5

8:15 – 15 minute brisk walk.

8:30 – run, 4 Columbia Heights hills and promenade run. 

9:30 15 minute brisk walk.

Week 6, Day 4 through Week 8, day 7

I’ve broken all my rules over the past two weeks: I haven’t worn the pedometer daily and I haven’t recorded my activity daily, (at least not here, I did record it in my day planner tough). So here is the shortened account of the last two plus weeks. (I was sick and over exhausted, that’s my excuse. The weakened immune system of pregnancy is just no fun!)

Week 6, Day 4: I didn’t record anything, I need to look in my journal….

Day 5: Ran 30 minutes

Day 6: Ran long run over Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges 45 plus minutes, Pedometer later in day: 8200 steps.

Day 7: Brisk walking total 36 minutes in 10 and 8 minute amounts before noon. Taught Toss Your Toddler dance class and various other leisurely walking. Pedometer from noon on: 9710 steps

Week 7, Day 1: Sick — short low energy walk, fever

Day 2: Sick –nothing, fever

Day 3: Mildly better 8000 plus steps, some early am running and scootercise (10 minutes or so total)

Day 4: Brisk 15 minute walk, Ran 4 Columbia Heights hills plus promenade (20-25 minutes) leg stretches, brisk walking 10 min, 10 min, 10 min, 10 min, 15 min.

Day 5: Wiped out and still running low grade fever: Nothing

Day 6: Wiped out, still running low grade fever: Nothing

Day 7: Walking, mostly leisurely

Week 8, Day 1: Leisurely walking 20 minutes, plus errands

Day 2: walking 30 minutes plus 2 sets of 8 pushups on knees

Day 3: Leisurely walk 20 minutes and 20 minutes again, leg stretches, 15 minute brisk walk

Day 4: Brisk 15 minute walk, ran 3 Columbia Heights hills and promenade. 11 minutes brisk walk/run, leg stretches.

Day 5: leisurely walking around MOMA museum

Day 6: Nothing of significance

Day 7: 15 minute brisk walk, 25 minute run (3 loops around Cadman Plaza), leg stretches, 10 brisk walk, 10 minute leisurely walk, 10 minute brisk walk, 10 minute leisurely walk, 10 minute brisk walk, 10 minute leisurely walk, 8 minute brisk walk, more walking with stroller pushing (10 min brisk). Tomorrow I start the pedometer again!!!!! Afternoon: 30 minutes of Toss Your Toddler with Mateo leading class, lots of running, jumping, crawling, some pushups and stretches. Discovered pedometer is dead, at least hopefully just the battery.

Sunday, ran again

Ran later in the day, after eating breakfast 9:45am. Did 3 mile then walked about 1 mile more. Did leg stretching and 1 set low, but not on the ground pushups (maybe 10 -12 inches off ground). 

Pedometer: 6442 Steps

Fort Greene park, play and walk and some tennis. Carried 25 pounds of sleeping Mateo.

Pedometer: 13310 Steps

Saturday, ran bridges

7:45 – Ran Manhattan Bridge and looped down to Brooklyn Bridge and it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be; it’s that long hill up the second bridge that is painful, it’s shorter on the Brooklyn Bridge so it felt a little easier and that bridge is much more beautiful to look a so that helps. Continued to Tillary street and did 12 pushups on the wall while waiting for the walk signal so I could cross the street. Ran back through Cadman Plaza Park, then to Almondine bakery (bought a delicious apple turnover, I’m sure it had more calories than I burned…).  Walk home carrying the goodies from Almondine and a 10 pound bag of kitty litter on my hip as if it was a child.

Pedometer:8600 Steps (ran just over 4 miles)

Did mild stretching and somersaults with Mateo and now I have a pain in my left shoulder blade so I couldn’t do weights as planned. I guess I’m too old to do somersaults?!?!??!