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Week 12, Day 1

6:00 am 15 min brisk walk. Did not run due to rainy weather.

7:15 am 10 minute walk, leisurely.

7:30 am 40 minute walk, leg stretch.

8:25 am 13 minute brisk walk, followed by 18 minutes super brisk walk while pushing stroller through the rain. Followed by 10 minutes brisk walk.

10:10 am — 10 minute brisk walk.

11:00 am –30 minutes walk with one 5 minute break.

Pedometer: 16838 steps

4:00 pm — Walk to Cadman Plaza park followed by playing with toddlers and a bit of scootercise. (When does Mateo qualify as a preschooler instead of a toddler? He hasn’t been toddling since he was about one…) Walk home with a bit of carrying scooter and Mateo.

Pedometer total: 20038 steps  (tired at end of day, but good tired)

Oh, at the doctors yesterday, the doctor said that the baby was looking bigger than the 12 weeks, so they said it was really 13 weeks. I’ll leave my log the way it is with the dates and just look forward to a 29 week pregnancy instead of 40 weeks….

Week 10, Day 2

6:00 Am — 15 minute brisk walk, 25 minute run (3 loops Cadman Plaza), leg stretches

7:10 AM — 15 minute brisk walk,

8:45 AM — 15 minute brisk walk

10:30 AM — taught Creative Movement class for 2.5 and 3 year olds — lot’s of running, jumping, dancing, spinning and general trying to keep the kids focused on what we were doing. — did not wear pedometer during class

11:55 — relaxed for 5 minutes with my legs up a wall 

12:00 PM —  leisurely walk and play 45 minutes

Pedometer: 11513

Week 10, Day 1

Forgot pedometer: 7:00 am moderate walk 25 minutes, 

7:30 am, moderate walk 40 minutes

8:25 brisk walk 10 minutes

8:35- 1:00 various moderate to leisurely walking