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4th Week Post Partum

Sunday:  10 minute walk to park and back. Some light wrestling with the preschooler and housework.

Monday:  20 minute run to and around Cadman Plaza park. My pelvis bones started to feel loose and my abdominal muscles got very tired since I was focusing on pulling them in and keeping the Kegel muscles actively engaged to support the run. Did only two loops since my body said that was enough and I’m happy I listened to my body.

Tuesday: while lying in bed I did Kegels and abdominal scoops (belly button to spine while visualizing the diastasis closing). 3 sets of pushups with 5 on my toes and rest of 10 repetitions on my knees, 2 sets of one arm rows, shoulder fly for front, back and side with rotation, knee floats with deep concentration in abdominal muscles and I can really feel it working when I really focus; that is what will make the difference in the long run, the focus and depth of the abdominal work.

Wednesday: 20 minute run in the morning. Later in day 25 minute walk to Atlantic Avenue and 25 minute walk home.

Thursday: cleaned and later in day Kegels, knee floats and abdominal stabilization.

Friday: 40 minute run cardio (25 minute run and walk 15 minutes), 2 sets of push ups (5 on toes for each set), 2 sets of one arm rows (increased weight to 11 pounds), knee floats and double knee floats

Saturday: Nothing

Week 36- Whew almost the end!!!

Day 1: Lots of walking.  7:05 AM 20 minutes walking moderate, 40 minutes moderate walking and leg stretches, 15 minutes brisk walking.  1:00PM 20 minute brisk walk, 15 minutes in bank, followed by 20 minute brisk walk. 30 minute rest followed by 15 minute brisk walk. hour later another 10 minute leisurely walk. Lots of walking: 1 hour or more, miscellaneous leisurely walking. 

Day 2:  6:05 — 10 minute brisk walk followed by lunges (front, back and side), 2 sets deep knee squats, 1 set of pushups on bench, 4 minute run.   7:05 15 minute walk  9:45AM 15 minute brisk walk. 11:30 AM 2 sets of one arm rows.   Later in day 10 minute stroll and 10 minute stroll to and from park.

Day 3:  7:05 AM 20 minute walk, 40 minute walk and leg stretches, 15 minute brisk walk. 11:50  25 minute brisk walk. 2:00 25 minute brisk walk both pushing stroller which left my arms tired.  

Day 4:  6:05 AM 10 minute brisk walk followed by 2 sets of lunges (front and back), 2 sets of deep knee squats, 2 sets of pushups on a wall and leg stretches, then 4 minute run. 10:30 AM 25 minute brisk walk.  later in day two 10 minute leisurely walks.

Day 5:  25 minute run 3 loops around Cadman Plaza and 20 minute walk from Brooklyn Heights. The run felt really great, as if I could do more even though I hadn’t done much running in the last two weeks, no super strong Braxton Hicks contractions during run either.  1 sets one arm rows and shoulder flys 2 sets.  Various walking 20 minutes and 20 minutes pushing stroller.

Day 6: Early afternoon: 10 minute brisk walk, taught 30 minute Sling Your Baby class at the NY Fit Mama event in Prospect Park at the picnic house (that was fun and still easy to do, but I was more winded than the moms carrying their babies), 10 minute brisk walk. In the evening 10 minute speed walk, plus various stairs and other walking, plus sat during a music concert, impossible to sit still and Braxton Hicks contractions during almost every song…Not labor though, but I’m definitely getting more in the late afternoons and evenings so I must be getting close. I need to pee whenever I have one of those Braxton Hicks contractions which can be a problem…

Day 7: 7:10 AM 20 minutes walk, 40 minutes walking, 30 minute brisk walk.  10:15 AM 15 minute brisk walk, plus other walking for an hour, interspersed with a little bit of sitting.  Strong kicks and squirms from the little one in the belly.

Saturday, ran bridges

7:45 – Ran Manhattan Bridge and looped down to Brooklyn Bridge and it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be; it’s that long hill up the second bridge that is painful, it’s shorter on the Brooklyn Bridge so it felt a little easier and that bridge is much more beautiful to look a so that helps. Continued to Tillary street and did 12 pushups on the wall while waiting for the walk signal so I could cross the street. Ran back through Cadman Plaza Park, then to Almondine bakery (bought a delicious apple turnover, I’m sure it had more calories than I burned…).  Walk home carrying the goodies from Almondine and a 10 pound bag of kitty litter on my hip as if it was a child.

Pedometer:8600 Steps (ran just over 4 miles)

Did mild stretching and somersaults with Mateo and now I have a pain in my left shoulder blade so I couldn’t do weights as planned. I guess I’m too old to do somersaults?!?!??!


7:50 – 28 minute run. 5 loops around Cadman Plaza. 2.8 miles Sun Salutations – 4 rounds, one arm row (11 pounds 12 repetitions), shoulder fly ( 1 set 3 pounds), light stretching.

Pedometer: 4941 Steps

10:00 – 12:30 – Walk, ran errands

Pedometer:10319 steps

10:15 pm –light stretching.

Thursday, Sept. 25th

7:00am — ran to Cadman Plaza park, 4 loops ran home — 2.5 miles (23 minutes)

7:30 — 4 rounds Sun salutation

Pedometer: 4100 Steps

8:50 — 12:30pm — Carried Mateo in the ergo to train to Park Slope, played with Mateo, (running, jumping, falling, stretching, throwing balls, etc.) ran errands, carried Mateo to train and to home (up stairs at York street station– 25 pound toddler, 2 10 pound bags.)

Pedometer: 11950 steps.


8:00am – Run from Bridge Street along York to Washington, down to Front Street to Fulton Landing to hill to Columbia Heights, to Promenade, to Remsen to City Hall building, through Cadman Plaza, past Post Office, 2 loops around Cadman Plaza Park ( 2 with 2 sprints on 2nd loop), to Washington Street, walked home. 

Forgot pedometer….


7:15 run — 4.7 miles across Manhattan Bridge, back across Brooklyn Bridge, extra through Cadman Plaza. 

Pedometer: 8302 Steps (3 foot step seems to be accurate for the runs.)

8:10 am — sun salutes

12:00 pm –legs up the wall relaxation (10 minutes) — my legs really needed that after the mornings run.

2:35 pm –brisk walk/run to Fort Greene Park (I left the house late, so I needed to run) 

3:00-5:00 –played in park with Mateo

5:00-6:30 Walk from park to Lafayette and Fulton Streets, sit, bus ride, then walk from Fulton Landing to Bridge Street. 

Pedometer:18135 Steps

9:45 light stretches


6:00am – 15 min. brisk walk, 3 loops Cadman Plaza park – running, light stretching for legs

7:30 am – 50 minute walk moderate pace

8:25 am – 15 minute super brisk walk

Pedometer: 12836 Steps

9:10 am walk to train then across Park Slope

10:00 am taught Toss Your Toddler class – didn’t wear pedometer

12:50 pm Pedometer: 16497 steps.

7:15 pm more walking

Pedometer total for day: 18,600 steps