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Week 23- Week 27

Where have I been for the last 5 weeks? Here and sick and not recording my physical activity in great detail. (See Two months later… in my other blog: Lynne’s Fitness Adventures.)

Week 23

Day 1-Day 5  Stomach flu, very little to no activity. Day 2  I did record 7000 steps. 

Day 6 4000 steps during 30 minutes run/walk. 3 loops around Cadman Plaza Park.

Day 7  walking to Brooklyn Heights, pushups and running and playing with Mateo for Creative Movement class,

Week 24

Day 1   7:05- 8:45 Usual 20 minute moderate walk, followed by 45 minute leisurely walk, followed by 14 minute walk with some jogging.  Pedometer only read 3000 steps at end of day, I wonder if it is working correctly as my belly has gotten bigger?

Day 2  Fifteen minute brisk walk, ran and two loops around Cadman Plaza Park, 15 minute brisk walk, 15 minute walk, push ups and rows 2 sets each. some stretching

Day 3: Usual Tuesday/thursday routine:  20 minute moderate walk, followed by 35 minute leisurely walk, followed by 15 minute brisk walk. Playground with Mateo  10,000 Steps, so pedometer still works some.

Day 4:  Brisk walking 15, 10, 10, 20 minutes.

Day 5: nothing other than walking

Day 6: Long walk, 1 set each push ups and rows.

Day 7: 15 minute brisk walk, Taught Creative Movement class so lots of running, jumping, rolling, some commando crawling instead of slithering, downward dogs.

Week 25

Day 1: Usual Tuesday/thursday routine:  20 minute moderate walk, followed by 45 minute leisurely walk, followed by 15 minute brisk walk. climbed up and down stairs in our building with Mateo, chased him around apartment and in lobby, so an actual interval type workout with sprints.

Day 2: 15 minute brisk walk, 3 loops around Cadman Plaza Park. 15 minute brisk walk.

Day 3: Usual Tuesday/thursday routine:  20 minute moderate walk, followed by 35 minute leisurely walk, followed by 15 minute brisk walk. Playground with Mateo, some walking, some sprinting.

Day 4 -Day 5: Sick. 

Day 6: Still sick, lots of cleaning and long walk to Atlantic Avenue and back 1 hour walking,plus 30 minutes shopping. pushed stroller each way.

Day 7: 15 minute brisk walk, 20 minute walk home. Carried Mateo in the Ergo 12 minutes taught Creative Movement class, carried Mateo in Ergo 12 minutes home.

Week 26 

Day 1: Stayed home, cleaned and played with Mateo

Day 2: 15 minute brisk walk, 15 minute brisk walk,don’t know if I did anything or not in the afternoon

Day 3: Unknown

Day 4: 15 minute brisk walk, ran to hill, 1 hill, 2 sets lunges, ran back to clients house, 10 minute brisk walk, 20 minute brisk walk.

Day 5:  Long walk to Fort Greene Park

Day 6: Unknown

Day 7:  15 minute brisk walk, 2 loops in Cadman Plaza Park with client (I rested as he did his second loop and I joined on the third again. I needed to catch my breath. Did one set of bench pushups.) ran back to clients house.  Taught Creative Movement class. Scootercise to class and back.

Week 27 (March 10th)

Day 1: One hour walk with Mateo in Brooklyn Heights.  Run around in apartment with Mateo –around the dining table, around the bookshelves and roared like dinosaurs…

Day 2: 15 minute brisk walk, 20 minute moderate walk, 1 hour 20 minutes additional leisurely walk, more running around the dining table. 

Day 3:  20 minute moderate, 40 minute moderate, 15 minute brisk walks. Carried Mateo in the Ergo: 10, 10, 10, 10 minutes played in children’s museum which involved some sprinting. Wiped out completely afterward. 

Day 4: 15 minute brisk walk, 15 minute walk, 15 minute brisk walk, 10 minute walk and 20 minute brisk walk

Day 5: Ran 4 loops around Cadman Plaza Park and there and back! 25 minutes. Did sunsalutations 1 set pushups, 2 sets rows and stretches and felt great!

Day 6: Scootercise to and around Fort Greene Park

Day 7: Foot exercises, taught Creative Movement class, walked home.

Week 22

Day 1 

Forgot pedometer but usual:7:00 am  20 minute moderate walk, 40 minute moderate walk, followed by 15 minute brisk, then busy all day at home, non-stop

Day 2

6:00 am  15 minute walk, other walking

11: 15  barre, pushups and rows (only one set each)

Total steps: 8000

Day 3

7:05 moderate walk 20 minutes, 30 minute moderate walk, 13 minute super brisk walk/jog

4000 Steps

10:00 am Trip to Brooklyn Children’s Museum and lots of sprinting after Mateo

11,000 Steps total

Day 4

7:00 am Brisk walk 13 minutes, brisk walk 6 minutes

8:30 10 minute brisk, 5 minute brisk

10:10 – 10:50 brisk walk and errands

Pedometer: 6704 Steps

running about 10 minutes while chasing Mateo in the hallway.

Day 5

Great day for my body: I had a massage!  

Leisurely walking and shopping, 8 minutes walking while carrying sleeping Mateo. He is getting super heavy and at least my belly is starting to support him a bit when I hold him, unfortunately I can’t breathe….

Pedometer: 6704 steps

Day 6

Walking, some brisk, most moderate.  Not sure if I cleared my pedometer but at least 5000 steps, maybe more

Day 7 

6:00 am 15 minute brisk walk

6:20 ran 3 loops around Cadman Plaza park and light stretches. Super winded running up the very, very tiny incline on the running path loop.

8:10 15 minute brisk walk

Pedometer: 7021 Steps

2:50  Super brisk scootercise to go teach Creative Movement class at 3:15, detour down a hill since Mateo now loves riding his scooter (too) fast down hills.

5:00 Scootercise the long way home, by way of Harry Chapin playground with some swing pushing and a lot of jogging to keep up with Mateo

Pedometer total: 10462 Steps  (feel like it was a million more steps, all that running today

Pregnancy Week 21

Day 1

7:05 brisk 15 minute walk,

leisurely 30 minutes

ran 10 minutes

5865 Steps

12:00 pm Walk and play in park

Total Steps: 8078 Steps

Day 2

8:45 Brisk 15 minute walk

Barre, pushups, rows, stretches, inversion 40 minutes

12:00 Brisk walk home

4:15  15 minute walk, carried Mateo

5:30  15 minute walk, carrying Mateo– upstairs -super challenging with the added weight and Mateo 45 pounds.

Day 3

7: 05 Forgot to wear pedometer (walked 15 minutes brisk, 30 minutes leisurely, 15 minutes walk and jog) 

12:00 long leisurely walk to Post Office and then back and halfway across the Manhattan Bridge and back. Carried Mateo for the last 45 minutes or more.

Day 4

6:00 13 minute brisk walk/jog 

8:15 30 minutes walk/errands

Pedometer: 5460

Day 5 

shopped in Ikea and Fairway, forgot to wear my pedometer… no other exercise

Day 6

No organized exercise, some walking, walking around the MOMA museum

Day 7

6:00 am  15 minute brisk walk followed by 3 loop run around Cadman Plaza Park

Steps: 7460 

2:30 walk to teach and return from Creative Movement class

Total Pedometer Steps: 10,000

Week 14

Week 14, Day 1

7:05  20 minute walk

7:35  35 minute walk

8:25  35 minute walking and errands

10:30  20 minutes run/walk while pushing stroller

Week 14, Day 2

8:45 brisk walk 15 minutes,

10:45  30 minute brisk walk and haggle with dry cleaners over how to iron the shirts and cost

11:30   30 minutes ballet barre, inversion, pushups, one arm rows, stretch

12:00  run around with Mateo, running, walking across blocks, and jumping- big jumps, 

1:00  15 minute walk

Week 14, Day 3

7:05 20 minute walk

7:30 40 minute walk slow/moderate

8:25 15 minute brisk walk

12:30 in store sprinting to catch Mateo and Evander (probably 5 minutes, but it felt like 10)

5:30 15 min walk in rain while carrying Mateo

Week 14, Day 4

6:00 15 minute brisk walk

7:10 10 minutes brisk walk, rest 5 minutes, then another 10 minute brisk walk

8:30 10 minute brisk walk

10:15 ran errands and walked home 45 minutes

Week 14, Day 5

Various stretching, downward dogs, tunnels, camel, pelvic lifts, headstand, planks, side planks with Mateo stretching and doing tunnels. About 30 minutes.

Week 14, Day 6

Not sure if this is when it occurred, but I believe so, I haven’t found it recorded elsewhere and I know I ran loops in Cadman Plaza later in the week: stair workout 30 minutes, 5 minute stepping alternate with bounding up the steps 2 at a time 4 rounds of 9 bounds.

Week 14, Day 7

15 minute brisk walk, 1 hour doing errands (40 minutes total walking), 15 minute walk pushing stroller,(rest hour) 15 minutes pushing stroller again

Week 13

So, I have been lax about inputting the data over the last almost 4 weeks (week 17 starts tomorrow); I have continued to record the data though. I will continue with weekly entries instead of daily. I also have slacked on the wearing of the pedometer. I will recommence the pedometer when I return from vacation mid January.

Week 13, Day 1 —

6:00 am : Brisk walk

6:20 25 minute run , 3 loops around Cadman Plaza  and leg stretches

7:10 am 15 minute brisk walk

7:35 40 minute walk

8:25 15 minute brisk walk

Pedometer: 13, 185 steps

10:45 -12:00 moderate /leisurely walkto and around parks

Pedometer: 15, 717 Steps

Later in day crawling through Fresh Direct box tunnels with toddler.

Week 13, Day 2

8:45 brisk 15 minute walk

11:30 – 12:00 pushups, one arm rows, Barre, inversion, stretches

12:00 -12:30 – run, chase, dance, jump, fall with Mateo

Steps: 8902

Week 13, Day 3

6:00 am 15 minute brisk walk

6:20-6:40 run (2 hills)

7:30 30 minute moderate walk

8:30 15 minute brisk walk

3:30 Some walking, some carrying Mateo, then 10 minutes carrying Mateo in Ergo

Week 13, Day 4

12 minute brisk walk, followed by 8 minute brisk walk, followed by 15 minute brisk walk.

Pedometer total for two days: 18,000 Steps

Week 13, Day 5

Mopped house, moderate walking, and additional 20 minute moderate walk

Week 13, Day 6

Laundry, dishes etc.

Week 13, Day 7

15 minute brisk walk, 10 minute brisk walk, 8 minute brisk, 10 minute brisk walk

12:00 16 minute brisk walk

2:30 15 minute brisk walk carrying Mateo

3:15 Creative Movement class

5:00 15 minute brisk walk carrying Mateo

Week 11, Day 7

Writing this, again, 5 days late:  Did not wear pedometer. Walked in Manhattan various, not too much, maybe 4000 steps total.

2:45 left to teach Creative Movement class. Lot’s of movement, dancing, balancing, jumping and walzing while carrying 4 different kids (one at a time), the lightest was 26 pounds. The rest were 30 plus pounds.  After class did a bit of the toddler partnering from Toss Your Toddler, including Shoulder stand, where Mateo balances on my shoulders — good whole body stabilizing. Carried the 26 pounder and his scooter about 10 minutes after class.

Week 10, Day 7

Overslept this morning… Missed my morning run with my client, not a good thing.

7:00– relaxed walking, interspersed with brisk walking. Longer walk 10:15 – 10:50. 

12:00 — 15 minutes moderate walk.

2:45 — 15 minute brisk walk with scootercise

3:15 — Taught Creative Movement class. 45 minutes – running, jumping, falling, dancing, rolling, slithering.

4:45 — short scootercise followed by painful carrying of 26 pound toddler, scooter, a bag of cat food, and a very heavy bag full of water bottles and other stuff. Mateo fell asleep while I was carrying him, so dead weight in my left arm, a very painful 15 minute walk to go 3 blocks…..

Pedometer: 13852 Steps