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Week 12, Day 5

9:00 am – Run!  Ran the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge loop, without the extra in Cadman Plaza Park. It felt pretty good, until the bottom of the Brooklyn Bridge, then getting up the incline of the bridge was really, really tough with difficulty breathing and I went very slow. Then down the hill was fine. Total 3.75 miles plus another half mile walking. 

10:00 am — Yoga, pushups (two on toes each set of 8 reps), one arm rows with 11 pounds, stretches, big backbend. I am dreading the day when I can’t lie on my back because the baby is pressing on my vena cava….

Pedometer: 7727 Steps

Nothing much the rest of the day, except chasing Mateo around Macy’s. That involved a few sprint to catch him before he was lost behind a rack of clothing and many other people.

Saturday, ran bridges

7:45 – Ran Manhattan Bridge and looped down to Brooklyn Bridge and it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be; it’s that long hill up the second bridge that is painful, it’s shorter on the Brooklyn Bridge so it felt a little easier and that bridge is much more beautiful to look a so that helps. Continued to Tillary street and did 12 pushups on the wall while waiting for the walk signal so I could cross the street. Ran back through Cadman Plaza Park, then to Almondine bakery (bought a delicious apple turnover, I’m sure it had more calories than I burned…).  Walk home carrying the goodies from Almondine and a 10 pound bag of kitty litter on my hip as if it was a child.

Pedometer:8600 Steps (ran just over 4 miles)

Did mild stretching and somersaults with Mateo and now I have a pain in my left shoulder blade so I couldn’t do weights as planned. I guess I’m too old to do somersaults?!?!??!

Sunday, reverse run

8:00 am — ran in reverse direction from usual across brooklyn Bridge and then Manhattan bridge.  I will never do that direction again. Too difficult to motivate to run up the Manhattan bridge from Manhattan. 4.0 miles 45 minutes.

8:50 sun salutations 3 rounds interrupted by toddler wanting breakfast. 1 more round and one set of pushups about 20 minutes later.

Pedometer: 6,700 steps

Later: another approximately 3000 steps


7:15 run — 4.7 miles across Manhattan Bridge, back across Brooklyn Bridge, extra through Cadman Plaza. 

Pedometer: 8302 Steps (3 foot step seems to be accurate for the runs.)

8:10 am — sun salutes

12:00 pm –legs up the wall relaxation (10 minutes) — my legs really needed that after the mornings run.

2:35 pm –brisk walk/run to Fort Greene Park (I left the house late, so I needed to run) 

3:00-5:00 –played in park with Mateo

5:00-6:30 Walk from park to Lafayette and Fulton Streets, sit, bus ride, then walk from Fulton Landing to Bridge Street. 

Pedometer:18135 Steps

9:45 light stretches


light day!

7:35 – 8:25 ran Manhattan bridge to Brooklyn Bridge to Tillary street, back through Cadman Plaza.  4.35 miles according to Google Earth. 

Pedometer: 7957 steps.

Stretched while playing marble maze and cooking breakfast (oatmeal).

2:30 – short walk to store, forgot pedometer.

10:30 light stretching