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First Week Post Partum

Wow! It’s been a whole week so far. Completely different then recovery from the first labor and pregnancy. For one thing, I gained less total weight this time and for another I didn’t labor for 36 hours. After 24 hours my body was tired but felt fine. I can sit with no discomfort and as anyone who has had a vaginal birth knows, that is great!  Here is a list of the activities and fitness activities I have done:

Beginning the first night or next morning (I can’t remember which) I began doing Kegels, mostly while lying in bed. I could barely hold it for a fast count of 5, but slowly over the course of the week they have gotten stronger and I can hold it longer. I am also doing quick Kegels to get the muscles working on a fast mode, since when I cough hard they are not doing their job yet (urine leakage).

Also beginning the first night or next morning, but more often after the uterus stopped it’s painful contractions, I have been doing light abdominal engagements for the transverse abdominis muscles. These I have also been doing while lying in bed, usually while lying with a neutral position of the pelvis and spine, but sometimes in whatever position I am in: deep breath in, exhale, pull in belly button to spine and hold.  I am visualizing the diastasis recti closing as I do this. I have a large diastasis so we shall see how and when (or if) this knits together again.  I have also added a single knee float (after the abdominal muscles are engaged I bring one knee in toward the chest keeping the pelvis stable). This is super challenging for my abdominal muscles and I feel them working deeply. They are not strong enough to do both knees into the chest yet.

I went for my first walk on the second day post partum. 20 minutes and then another 20 plus minutes and some time down at the playground with my son and my daughter in a sling. 3rd day post partum I did another 20 minute walk and 20 minutes walking home also. Both while carrying Ana Lupe in the sling. 4th day: rode the subway to Mateo’s gymnastics class, took a cab home, so that was more restful. 5th day post partum I can’t remember, maybe I stayed home? However on day 6 I took just Mateo on a 20 minute speed walk with jog to the bank and to get take out, immediately followed by a 20 minute speed walk with more jogging to get home. He was riding his scooter and went a bit too fast and didn’t stop when I asked him to, so that is how I ended up jogging.  I need a good nursing bra that is also good for running while chasing a 3 year old.  Day 7 we walked 20 minutes to Fort Greene park. I had Lupe in the Moby wrap which works quite well for being able to interact with Mateo and hold her.  I need to figure out how to nurse while using the Moby.  I can only push the swing for Mateo with one hand otherwise Lupe will get bonked by Mateo’s shoes or the swing, but that makes it a great tricep work out: pushing a swing.

Week 6, Day 4 through Week 8, day 7

I’ve broken all my rules over the past two weeks: I haven’t worn the pedometer daily and I haven’t recorded my activity daily, (at least not here, I did record it in my day planner tough). So here is the shortened account of the last two plus weeks. (I was sick and over exhausted, that’s my excuse. The weakened immune system of pregnancy is just no fun!)

Week 6, Day 4: I didn’t record anything, I need to look in my journal….

Day 5: Ran 30 minutes

Day 6: Ran long run over Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges 45 plus minutes, Pedometer later in day: 8200 steps.

Day 7: Brisk walking total 36 minutes in 10 and 8 minute amounts before noon. Taught Toss Your Toddler dance class and various other leisurely walking. Pedometer from noon on: 9710 steps

Week 7, Day 1: Sick — short low energy walk, fever

Day 2: Sick –nothing, fever

Day 3: Mildly better 8000 plus steps, some early am running and scootercise (10 minutes or so total)

Day 4: Brisk 15 minute walk, Ran 4 Columbia Heights hills plus promenade (20-25 minutes) leg stretches, brisk walking 10 min, 10 min, 10 min, 10 min, 15 min.

Day 5: Wiped out and still running low grade fever: Nothing

Day 6: Wiped out, still running low grade fever: Nothing

Day 7: Walking, mostly leisurely

Week 8, Day 1: Leisurely walking 20 minutes, plus errands

Day 2: walking 30 minutes plus 2 sets of 8 pushups on knees

Day 3: Leisurely walk 20 minutes and 20 minutes again, leg stretches, 15 minute brisk walk

Day 4: Brisk 15 minute walk, ran 3 Columbia Heights hills and promenade. 11 minutes brisk walk/run, leg stretches.

Day 5: leisurely walking around MOMA museum

Day 6: Nothing of significance

Day 7: 15 minute brisk walk, 25 minute run (3 loops around Cadman Plaza), leg stretches, 10 brisk walk, 10 minute leisurely walk, 10 minute brisk walk, 10 minute leisurely walk, 10 minute brisk walk, 10 minute leisurely walk, 8 minute brisk walk, more walking with stroller pushing (10 min brisk). Tomorrow I start the pedometer again!!!!! Afternoon: 30 minutes of Toss Your Toddler with Mateo leading class, lots of running, jumping, crawling, some pushups and stretches. Discovered pedometer is dead, at least hopefully just the battery.

Thursday, Week 6, day 3

5:55 am – Slow walk to client. Ran 4 Columbia Heights hills and Promenade. Total of 2 miles

8:45 Pedometer: 8259 Steps

3:30 – walk/scootercise, throwing rocks, more walk

Pedometer total: 11308