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Week 9, Day 6

9:30 – run 3 1/2 loops around Cadman Plaza Park, down Clark Street to Promenade, to Columbia Heights hill and down to Water Street. Approximately 30 minutes. 4630 steps

10:10 brisk walk home

pedometer: 5620

Thursday, Week 6, day 3

5:55 am – Slow walk to client. Ran 4 Columbia Heights hills and Promenade. Total of 2 miles

8:45 Pedometer: 8259 Steps

3:30 – walk/scootercise, throwing rocks, more walk

Pedometer total: 11308


8:00am – Run from Bridge Street along York to Washington, down to Front Street to Fulton Landing to hill to Columbia Heights, to Promenade, to Remsen to City Hall building, through Cadman Plaza, past Post Office, 2 loops around Cadman Plaza Park ( 2 with 2 sprints on 2nd loop), to Washington Street, walked home. 

Forgot pedometer….