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6th Week Post Partum and Future Plans

This will be my last entry on this blog. I hope to merge it with my other blog and leave these entries as references for people to read related to pregnancy exercise and post-partum exercise. After 6 weeks mothers are usually cleared for exercise by their physicians, but for those first 6 weeks new mothers who want to be active are left to wonder: “What can I do?”  I want new mothers to have access to these entries of my 6 weeks post partum so they can be aware of what can actually be done during those 6 weeks and also to know what to focus on: kegels, abdominal strengthening (with focus on closing the diastasis and stabilizing the bones of the pelvis and lower back), and light cardio. Weeks 5 and 6 were challenging for me to remain active during; I went back to work. I work early in the mornings as a personal trainer and therefore had to wake up by 5 or 6 depending on which day of the week and was therefore sleeping less.

Sunday: More Scootercise! 1 hour total, 3 1/2 laps around Cadman Plaza plus there and back. It was actually quite fast with some sprinting involved and also some slower jogging. More of an interval workout. After we arrived back home I did 2 sets of pushups and 2 sets of one arm rows, knee floats.

Monday: Two 15 minute brisk walks. Did Kegels, knee floats and stretched later in the day.

Tuesday: 15 minute brisk walk, 45 minute walk, leg stretches, 15 minute brisk walk. 45 minute slow walk with stroller and 15 minute brisk walk. Some dancing (5-10) minutes with my 3 year old.

Wednesday: 15 minute brisk, 3 minute jog plus 2 hills at Columbia Heights, 2 sets of wall pushups, jog for 8 minutes (25 minutes total), leg stretches, 15 minute brisk walk.  Later in the day: 25 minute walk, 20 minute walk, and 15 minute walk all while pushing stroller and carrying my daughter (9 1/2 pounds).

Thursday: Two 10 minute walks to local park. I mostly rested all day since I was completely worn out with work and being active again.

Friday: 15 minute brisk walk, 35 minute walk, leg stretches, 20 minute walk. Later in day: light tennis (while baby wearing), 20 minute walk again while baby wearing.

Saturday: Scootercise with Mateo 1 1/2 loops around Cadman Plaza, plus continuing to farmers market and then back home. 10 minute walk and later in the early evening 2 long walks 30 minutes each while baby wearing.

5th Week Post Partum and back to part time work

Sunday: Nothing of significance. Gained one pound after the inactivity of the weekend and all the eating. Such hunger when nursing; I had forgotten how much hunger there is with breastfeeding, much more than when pregnant.

Monday: While baby wearing Lupe, two 15 minute walks and two 10 minute walks.

Tuesday: Back to work! 6:05 AM 10 minute brisk walk, ran 2 hills, one set pushups,  1 set lunges, and 10 minute run.7:15  35 minute walk.  8:15  15 minute brisk walk. Later in day three 10 minute walks and one 15 minute walk all while carrying Lupe.

Wednesday: 2 sets of pushups (5/7 on toes), 2 sets one arm rows.  25 minute walk (carrying Lupe and pushing stroller).One 10 minute walk followed by a 15 minute walk.

Thursday: 15 minute brisk walk followed by 5 minute run to Cadman Plaza (2 loops around park), 5 minute run (total 30 minutes), stretch for legs. 7:15 AM 30 minute walk, leg stretches. 8:15 AM 15 minute brisk walk.  Later in day two 10 minute walks to Cadman plaza carrying Lupe and pushing stroller.

Friday: 6:15 AM 15 minute brisk walk. Later total of four 10 minute walks and one 15 minute walk, most of them while carrying Lupe.

Saturday: Scootercise! 1 hour and 10 minutes run while Mateo rode his scooter. Did two sets of jumping jacks (too soon, I need to do more Kegels to get those muscles strong again!), two sets of lunges. 35 minutes of the time was really running, the other half was jogging and being “pulled’ or pulling Mateo on his scooter. In the evening I did Kegels and some abdominal strengthening still focusing on visualizing the diastasis closing.

4th Week Post Partum

Sunday:  10 minute walk to park and back. Some light wrestling with the preschooler and housework.

Monday:  20 minute run to and around Cadman Plaza park. My pelvis bones started to feel loose and my abdominal muscles got very tired since I was focusing on pulling them in and keeping the Kegel muscles actively engaged to support the run. Did only two loops since my body said that was enough and I’m happy I listened to my body.

Tuesday: while lying in bed I did Kegels and abdominal scoops (belly button to spine while visualizing the diastasis closing). 3 sets of pushups with 5 on my toes and rest of 10 repetitions on my knees, 2 sets of one arm rows, shoulder fly for front, back and side with rotation, knee floats with deep concentration in abdominal muscles and I can really feel it working when I really focus; that is what will make the difference in the long run, the focus and depth of the abdominal work.

Wednesday: 20 minute run in the morning. Later in day 25 minute walk to Atlantic Avenue and 25 minute walk home.

Thursday: cleaned and later in day Kegels, knee floats and abdominal stabilization.

Friday: 40 minute run cardio (25 minute run and walk 15 minutes), 2 sets of push ups (5 on toes for each set), 2 sets of one arm rows (increased weight to 11 pounds), knee floats and double knee floats

Saturday: Nothing

Week 32

Day 1: 7:05 AM 20 minute walk moderate pace,

7:30  40 minute walk moderate pace, ended walk with 4 flights of stairs, super winded for the last flight.  Leg stretches.

9:00 AM  15 minute brisk walk

11:00 AM 15 minute, followed by 10 minute walk, moderate pace, followed by shopping and walking up and down stairs and sprinting after Mateo as he tried to escape the Century 21 department store.  3:30 PM 15 minute moderate walk

Day 2:  6:00 AM  15 minute brisk walk, 20 minute workout- one hill, two sets of lunges, 1 set of pushups, short set of squats, and leg stretches.

8:00 AM 15 minute brisk walk

11:00 AM 15 minute brisk walk

11:30 taught Sling Your Baby dance class. Full out aerobic workout!  followed by chasing Mateo and running and jumping with him.

2:15PM  15 minute brisk walk.  

All in all that was a lot of exercise for one day!

Day 3: 20 minute walk, 30 minute moderate walk, 20 minute walk.

11:30  30 minute walk with some running after a scooter, 

1:30-3:00  lots of walking and errands, followed by ball and frisbee playing (light running)

Day 4: 6:00 am  15 minute brisk walk, ran one hill, lunges front and back, one set pushups on wall, stretches

8:00    20 minute walk, ( I can’t remember the rest of the day, it rained I think and I was too tired to cook.)

Day 5:  Morning run for 25 minutes, 3 loops around Cadman Plaza at my pace, so it was very nice and my breathing was comfortable!  2 sets pushups, 2 sets one arm rows, stretches.

Afternoon: went to Prospect Park, chased a scooter full out sprint at least 2 times, maybe closer to three. Played frisbee and other various ball and balloon games, walked a lot.

Day 6:  As little as possible, about 20 minutes walking.

Day 7: 8:45    15 minute brisk walking, 15 minute brisk walking, lifting of boxes while I organized storage unit

2:00 15 minute walk and another 15 minute walk and foot reflexology session (most wonderful thing to do during pregnancy)

Week 30

Day 1:  7:00 am: 20 minute walk, moderate. I was super winded walking up the hill to Columbia Heights. The 20 extra pounds and 7 months of pregnancy is starting to take it’s toll.  30 minute moderate walk, 15 minute brisk walk, leg stretches.  Later in day 1:30 15 minute walk and scootercise, frisbee playing and jumping off a wall.  3:30 more walking and following Mateo around a playground. 5:00 long walk home with stop in other park to throw rocks (I didn’t throw any). Super tired before I arrived home, just not off my feet enough.

Day 2: 6:00 brisk 15 minute walk, 6:20 ran one hill, two sets lunges, 1 set wall pushups, ran back along promenade, all took approximately 25 minutes, leg stretches,

8:00 15 minute brisk walk

1:15 30 minute slow walk carrying sleeping Mateo in the Ergo on my front, while the baby kicked in my belly. Super tired legs after that. 

Day 3: 7:10  15 minute brisk walk, 40 minute walk moderate (but now the moderate pace walk is becoming challenging, especially when walking up hills or stairs), 15 minute brisk walk.

11:45  30 minute brisk walk pushing stroller, 

1:00   40 minute walk, tennis, 10 minute walk. –Legs super tired by end of the day.

Day 4:  6:00 am  15 minute brisk walk, 8:00 am 40 minute slow walk and errands.  Manhattan walking with various shopping, legs were super tired.

Day 5:  Cleaned and mopped all day. short walk to neighborhood park, hit a couple of tennis balls.

Day 6:  40 minute jog (my pace is no longer the pace of a run), two sets pushups on my knees (7 reps/ 10 reps.), two sets rows.  Some yoga stretches.  10 minute walk to bus.  30 minute walk from Atlantic terminal to Prospect Park, some walking in park. 30 minute walk back from park.  Exhausted.  

Day 7: 15 minute brisk walk, 30 minute walk moderate.

Pregnancy Week 21

Day 1

7:05 brisk 15 minute walk,

leisurely 30 minutes

ran 10 minutes

5865 Steps

12:00 pm Walk and play in park

Total Steps: 8078 Steps

Day 2

8:45 Brisk 15 minute walk

Barre, pushups, rows, stretches, inversion 40 minutes

12:00 Brisk walk home

4:15  15 minute walk, carried Mateo

5:30  15 minute walk, carrying Mateo– upstairs -super challenging with the added weight and Mateo 45 pounds.

Day 3

7: 05 Forgot to wear pedometer (walked 15 minutes brisk, 30 minutes leisurely, 15 minutes walk and jog) 

12:00 long leisurely walk to Post Office and then back and halfway across the Manhattan Bridge and back. Carried Mateo for the last 45 minutes or more.

Day 4

6:00 13 minute brisk walk/jog 

8:15 30 minutes walk/errands

Pedometer: 5460

Day 5 

shopped in Ikea and Fairway, forgot to wear my pedometer… no other exercise

Day 6

No organized exercise, some walking, walking around the MOMA museum

Day 7

6:00 am  15 minute brisk walk followed by 3 loop run around Cadman Plaza Park

Steps: 7460 

2:30 walk to teach and return from Creative Movement class

Total Pedometer Steps: 10,000

Week 20

Day 1

15 minute brisk walk

50 minute leisurely walk

10 minute walk to subway

10 minute walk with Mateo and 5 minute walk carrying Mateo

Yoga and stretches after running back and forth across the apartment and jumping over a puzzle box and the completed puzzle with Mateo. Mateo joined in the stretches also.

Day 2

15 brisk walk

10:30 Taught Toss Your Toddler dance class

11:30 Taught Sling Your Baby dance class

15 minute brisk walk

Day 3

15 minute walk 

30 minute moderate walk

10 minute run to get home

Day 4

15 minute brisk walk

20 minute moderate walk

10:05  25 minute brisk walk (from Flatbush Ave and Prospect Place to Livingston and Smith street)

10:50  15 minute brisk walk from  Livingston and Smith streets to Bridge Street and home) 

Pedometer: 9950 Steps

Walk to park and throw rocks in the water, carried Mateo home. 

Pedometer: 11949 Steps

Day 5

No organized activity: walked and ran at times around Ikea in Brooklyn while chasing Mateo

Day 6

No organized activity: some stretches, lots of cleaning, mopping, dusting etc, short 8 minute walk to store and 8 minute back.

Day 7

6:00 am 15 minute brisk walk plus warm up with client, 7:10 2nd warmup with different client, 1 set of rotator cuff exercise with therabands.

8:05 am 20 minute brisk walk

Pedometer: 4320 steps

2:45 pm Scootercise to Brooklyn Dojo for Creative Movement Class. 

3:15 Lot’s of running, jumping, dancing for 45 minutes

4:25 pm More scootercise to get home, indirectly.

Pedometer: 9126 Steps (not quite 10,0000, but pretty good for a pregnant mom…)

Week 17

Week 17, Day 1

Recorded my activity on this day, but can’t find where I wrote it…..Not sure I did much activity anyway. Packed to go on vacation.

Day 2 

No exercise, no sleep, airplane most of the day, some leg stretches.

Day 3

Short walk around park, 2 sets 5 pushups on bench, 1 set rows on playscape, some light leg stretches.

Day 4

30 minute walk in mall. 4 or 5 downward dogs to make tunnels for a train to pass through.

Day 5

Rode in a car all day, played in a swimming pool with Mateo, 8 or 10 short laps, light stretching. Felt great to move after 6 days of travel and car riding and not moving. Left shoulder hurts though.

Day 6

Ran 35 minutes, walked a bit up the hill, it was too intense after 6 days of not running, felt a bit in the ligaments of the uterus and Braxton hicks contractions, but no much, did 4 rounds sun salutes, side planks and other stretches

2 1/2 hours in and out of the pool

1 hour more in and out of the pool later.

Day 7

swam 10 laps (4 breast stroke, 2 on my back and 4 side stoke) kept my face out of the water, personal preference to not put my face in the water. Swam a bit with Mateo keeping moving all the time.

Week 16

Okay, this week I fell off the wagon, not much activity, no recording of the activity, so here is the recall on day 7 of this week:

Week 16, Day 1

7:05 leisurely walk 20 min

7:30 30 minute walk

8:30 15 minute walk

Week 16, Day 2  Christmas Eve

6:30 15 minute brisk walk 

7:45 15 minute brisk walk

walking and shopping, carrying bags and more walking, cooking and cleaning and eating lots

Week 16, Day 3  Christmas Day

cooking, dishes, cleaning, eating lots, etc.

Week 16, Day 4

7:10 15 minute brisk walk

7:30 45 minute walk

8:30 15 minute brisk walk

Exhausted from previous day, so no more activity after that.

Week 16, Day 5

30 minute brisk walk to library and back to return a movie that I never watched

lots of walking around the Bronx Zoo for 2 hours, last 20 minutes carrying Mateo in the Ergo on my back.

Week 16, Day 6

Leisurely walk around neighborhood (1 1/2 hours) throw rocks in the East River

Week 16, Day 7

8:00 30 minute run, slow pace since it had been awhile since I last ran, to bank and back with 2 loops in Cadman Plaza Park.

Week 15

Week 15, Day 1

7:05 20 minute walk

7:35 30 minute walk

8:30 15 minute walk

Week 15, Day 2

6:00  15 minute walk

6:20-6:45  25 minute run – 3 loops around Cadman Plaza Park, 

7:10  20 inute walk 

9:00 shopping and walking home 15 minutes from Brooklyn Heights

(most afternoons in weeks 13, 14, 15 and 16 I did very little physical activity in the afternoons)

Week 15, Day 3

7:05 20 minute walk

7:30 35 minute walk

8:30 15 minute walk

10 minute walk to bus stop, walk around Children’s Museum, 10 minute walk carrying Mateo to get home from bus stop

Week 15, Day 4

6:00 am 15minute brisk walk

6:15 run 30 minutes (3 slow loops), leg stretches

7:10 brisk 10 minute walk and liesruely 10 minute walk

9:00 am brisk 10 min,

10:50 10 minute walk/jog in snow

11:40 brisk 15 minute walk

Week 15, Day 5

Leisurely walk

Week, 15, Day 6

more walking, 20 minute brisk in rain, lifting various boxes and carrying a heavy suitcase downstairs in the elevator

Week 15, Day 7

6:30 20 minute cautious walk due to ice on sidewalks

15 minute more brisk walk, 10 minute brisk walk later