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Week 22

Day 1 

Forgot pedometer but usual:7:00 am  20 minute moderate walk, 40 minute moderate walk, followed by 15 minute brisk, then busy all day at home, non-stop

Day 2

6:00 am  15 minute walk, other walking

11: 15  barre, pushups and rows (only one set each)

Total steps: 8000

Day 3

7:05 moderate walk 20 minutes, 30 minute moderate walk, 13 minute super brisk walk/jog

4000 Steps

10:00 am Trip to Brooklyn Children’s Museum and lots of sprinting after Mateo

11,000 Steps total

Day 4

7:00 am Brisk walk 13 minutes, brisk walk 6 minutes

8:30 10 minute brisk, 5 minute brisk

10:10 – 10:50 brisk walk and errands

Pedometer: 6704 Steps

running about 10 minutes while chasing Mateo in the hallway.

Day 5

Great day for my body: I had a massage!  

Leisurely walking and shopping, 8 minutes walking while carrying sleeping Mateo. He is getting super heavy and at least my belly is starting to support him a bit when I hold him, unfortunately I can’t breathe….

Pedometer: 6704 steps

Day 6

Walking, some brisk, most moderate.  Not sure if I cleared my pedometer but at least 5000 steps, maybe more

Day 7 

6:00 am 15 minute brisk walk

6:20 ran 3 loops around Cadman Plaza park and light stretches. Super winded running up the very, very tiny incline on the running path loop.

8:10 15 minute brisk walk

Pedometer: 7021 Steps

2:50  Super brisk scootercise to go teach Creative Movement class at 3:15, detour down a hill since Mateo now loves riding his scooter (too) fast down hills.

5:00 Scootercise the long way home, by way of Harry Chapin playground with some swing pushing and a lot of jogging to keep up with Mateo

Pedometer total: 10462 Steps  (feel like it was a million more steps, all that running today

Week 12, Day 7

6:45 am Brisk walk to train 5 min, 10 min brisk walk to client

10:15 – 10:30 brisk walk

Pedometer: 7711 Steps

2:45 walk and scootercise 15 minutes

3:15 taught Creative Movement class for preschoolers

 4000 additional steps plus class activity.

total: 11711 Steps plus class

Week 12, Day 1

6:00 am 15 min brisk walk. Did not run due to rainy weather.

7:15 am 10 minute walk, leisurely.

7:30 am 40 minute walk, leg stretch.

8:25 am 13 minute brisk walk, followed by 18 minutes super brisk walk while pushing stroller through the rain. Followed by 10 minutes brisk walk.

10:10 am — 10 minute brisk walk.

11:00 am –30 minutes walk with one 5 minute break.

Pedometer: 16838 steps

4:00 pm — Walk to Cadman Plaza park followed by playing with toddlers and a bit of scootercise. (When does Mateo qualify as a preschooler instead of a toddler? He hasn’t been toddling since he was about one…) Walk home with a bit of carrying scooter and Mateo.

Pedometer total: 20038 steps  (tired at end of day, but good tired)

Oh, at the doctors yesterday, the doctor said that the baby was looking bigger than the 12 weeks, so they said it was really 13 weeks. I’ll leave my log the way it is with the dates and just look forward to a 29 week pregnancy instead of 40 weeks….

Week 9, Day 4

6:30 am – 11:30 am Various walking, some kegels. Pedometer: 9043 Steps

3:30 -6:00 Walking and some scootercise. Pedometer: 13672

Tuesday, way too much activity!

6:00 AM brisk walk to work followed by 20 plus minutes running, light leg stretching. Brisk walk 25 minutes. Moderate walk 45 minutes. light stretching. Brisk 15 minute walk. 8:45am

Steps: 13900 Steps

10:15 – 1:00 Moderate walk and playground playing, with 12 minutes carrying 25 pounds of tired toddler.

3:45 – 6:00 Moderate walk, scootercise, chasing a frisbee, more scootercise, then pulling the exhausted 25 pound toddler while he stood on his scooter.

Steps: 21691


Okay, not a lot of exercise today, unless I count scrubbing a bathroom.  I did a long walk off and on, with a bit of sliding and pushing of swings between 12 and 3. Forgot the pedometer….

3:30 – 8:15 more walking, a bit of bus riding to Fort Greene park, a lot of scootercise with sprints as Mateo went down a hill way too fast and when he threw the ball down a hill to chase, so I had to chase also. (I will do sprints tomorrow.)

Pedometer: 7680 steps.

10:30 light stretching

3rd day – Too much walking!

6:00 am Brisk 15 minute walk to client. 

7:15 leisurely stoll to next client

7:25 long walk

8:30 brisk walk home

8:45 am  Pedometer read 8950 steps

(Decided to remove pedometer when inside house.)

11:05 am Leisurely stroll with two year old.

11:20 – 11:30 am Brisk walk carrying 25 pound toddler in Ergo Baby Carrier

12:20 -1:15 pm Brisk Walk carrying 25 pound sleeping toddler in Ergo Baby Carrier. Pedometer read 13956 steps.

5:00 – 5:15 pm Scootercise to store.

5:15-5:30 pm Leisurely stroll home from store. 

Pedometer total: 16327 (no wonder I’m tired, that’s a lot of steps! Pedometers aren’t always accurate, but when I checked this one is seems to be very close to accurate. I will do more research, keep your eyes open for that in the future.

10:15 Stretches about 10 minutes