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Week 11, Day 5

8:30 am? morning run — I didn’t look at the clock, about 25 minutes. 2 1/2 loops around Cadman Plaza Park (super cold and windy, planned on doing 3 1/2 loops, but too cold), down Clark Street to the Promenade, down to Water Street, stopped at the bakery, and store for orange juice, brisk walk/jog in between stores and home. Too cold to walk only. 

4 rounds of the sun salutation, 2 sets 6 repetitions (on my knees) pushups, 2 sets 1 arm rows (8 pounds, 12 reps) and stretches!  Mateo joined for a somersault, upward dog and other stretches. First time back doing these type of exercises in a long time: the worst of the 1st trimester is over!!!!!

Pedometer: 5139 Steps

12:30 – 7:30 — various moderate walking around Macy’s.

Pedometer: 12218 Steps

Wednesday, Week 6, Day 2

Pedometer: 10887 Steps, just walking and some somersaults, abdominal exercises with and wrestling my toddler Mateo on the bed.


5:30pm – leisurely walk in the rain. 

9:00pm – light stretching with Mateo, some flipping of him over the shoulders. Some backward somersaults beginning with him lying on me.  A couple slow leg lowering with Mateo pushing.

Pedometer: 0 steps