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Week 32

Day 1: 7:05 AM 20 minute walk moderate pace,

7:30  40 minute walk moderate pace, ended walk with 4 flights of stairs, super winded for the last flight.  Leg stretches.

9:00 AM  15 minute brisk walk

11:00 AM 15 minute, followed by 10 minute walk, moderate pace, followed by shopping and walking up and down stairs and sprinting after Mateo as he tried to escape the Century 21 department store.  3:30 PM 15 minute moderate walk

Day 2:  6:00 AM  15 minute brisk walk, 20 minute workout- one hill, two sets of lunges, 1 set of pushups, short set of squats, and leg stretches.

8:00 AM 15 minute brisk walk

11:00 AM 15 minute brisk walk

11:30 taught Sling Your Baby dance class. Full out aerobic workout!  followed by chasing Mateo and running and jumping with him.

2:15PM  15 minute brisk walk.  

All in all that was a lot of exercise for one day!

Day 3: 20 minute walk, 30 minute moderate walk, 20 minute walk.

11:30  30 minute walk with some running after a scooter, 

1:30-3:00  lots of walking and errands, followed by ball and frisbee playing (light running)

Day 4: 6:00 am  15 minute brisk walk, ran one hill, lunges front and back, one set pushups on wall, stretches

8:00    20 minute walk, ( I can’t remember the rest of the day, it rained I think and I was too tired to cook.)

Day 5:  Morning run for 25 minutes, 3 loops around Cadman Plaza at my pace, so it was very nice and my breathing was comfortable!  2 sets pushups, 2 sets one arm rows, stretches.

Afternoon: went to Prospect Park, chased a scooter full out sprint at least 2 times, maybe closer to three. Played frisbee and other various ball and balloon games, walked a lot.

Day 6:  As little as possible, about 20 minutes walking.

Day 7: 8:45    15 minute brisk walking, 15 minute brisk walking, lifting of boxes while I organized storage unit

2:00 15 minute walk and another 15 minute walk and foot reflexology session (most wonderful thing to do during pregnancy)

Tuesday, log, written on Wednesday

Too tired last night to write the log. Super sore after sprint workout, inner thighs, butt and front of left thigh. Super stiff this morning too.

6:00am- 7:30 Brisk walk to client, with run to Cadman Plaza and 2 loops in park. brisk walk home

Pedometer: 6787 steps

10:45 – 1:00 -Dumbo playground with Mateo 

Pedometer: 10, 994 steps

4:15 – 8:00pm – train to Manhattan, carried Mateo up stairs in West 4th train station (4 super long flights, then 2 more flights to friends apartment), played in water playground on west side, near 12th street, beautiful and fun park.

Pedometer: 19,118 steps

no stretching, did relax on the bed while Guillermo did the dishes

Monday, Labor Day

8:40 – 9:10 am run to Cadman Plaza Park – 1 1/2 loops, sprint across field, forward lunges, pushups on bench, sprint, backward lunges, pushups on bench, sprint, pushups, side lunges. 1 1/2 loops around park, ran home. Stretch, sun salutes, inversion, various tunnels and slides with Mateo and Mateo also stretched –butterfly, touch toes, side bend. 

Pedometer: 4987 Steps

12:00 – 1:15 Walk to Brooklyn Heights, to promenade, to harry chapin playground, to home, last part carrying Mateo, forgot pedometer.


5:30 – 7:30 Walks with and without carrying Mateo to Fort Greene Park. 

Pedometer: Mateo wore it and recorded 4776 steps although he rode his scooter alot.