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Week 33 – Oh my aching pelvis

Okay, this week, in general, my pelvis has been aching. The bones must be shifting a bit especially around the sacrum. Also, my legs have given up on my a couple of times, not so that I hit the floor, but they have buckled out from under me, mostly when I need to move quickly or change direction all of a sudden. This seems to be connect with my hamstring muscles feeling overstretched and sore all the time (I’ve been using lots of tiger balm on them). They seem to be over stretched from the shift in bones and the increased lordosis (the curve in the lower back is exaggerated). I’ve been focusing more on Kegels and abs to counterbalance that tendency.

Day 1: 7:05 am 2o minute moderate walk, 45 min moderate walk, leg stretches

8:25  20 minute moderate walk

4:00 PM carried Mateo from Harry Chapin playground to our house, he fell asleep halfway home. Also, carried his scooter.  Took over 20 minutes carrying the extra weight and my legs and arms were dead afterward.  

Day 2: 6:00 AM brisk walk 16 minutes ( it now takes an additional minute to do the same walk I used to do in 15 minutes — I am getting slower), 

6:20   ran to park (5 minutes) and back, did 4 sets of lunges and 2 sets of pushups (on bench). 

8:10 20 minute walk

11:00 20 minute walk

1:30  20 minute walk

Day 3: 7:05 AM  20 minute moderate walk followed by 35 minute moderate walk (hill and stairs 4 flights are now very challenging)

8:25  15 minute very brisk walk

11:00  Slow walk with stops to Brooklyn Heights (30 minutes walking with break in the middle)

2:00 25 minute walk

Day 4: 6:00 brisk walk 16 minutes, 

6:20 ran to hill (5 min.) couldn’t run the hill, can’t do it anymore at my client’s pace, did 4 sets of lunges, 2 sets of wall pushups, 8 minute run back, leg stretches

8:05 10 minute brisk walk followed by 8 min brisk walk

9:30 1 hour walk across Park Slope while running errands

5:00 PM 20 minute walk to Brooklyn Heights 

Day 5: 35 minute run around Cadman Plaza Park – 4 loops! It was so difficult!  Also, it’s not a run, it’s a jog at this point. Still felt good to do it. Did 2 sets of one arm rows, 2 set of shoulder flys.  Lot’s of cleaning.  More walking 20 minutes and 20 minutes later in day. 

Day 6:  Light walking.

Day 7:  15 minute walk, 15 minute walk, 10 minute walk, 20 minute walk.  Light day.

Week 12, Day 6

Today I was going to go running, but it was rainy and cold. I did a stair workout instead. 7:50 – 8:20 — 30 minutes stepping, running up stairs and bounding up stairs 2 at a time. The stepping is a bit of an aerobic step routine. Did 4 and 1/2 sets of that with the stairs in between. Light stretching and 4 rounds of sun salute late once Mateo would let me do it. He seems no longer so interested in joining me, but he did do one somersault.

Pedometer: 3723 Steps — I don’t think it measures as accurately with the irregular body movements and the workout felt much more intense than those 4000 steps indicate. 

Lot’s of cleaning, but no more walking other than around the apartment. I should see how much I actually do when just being at home….

Friday am post for thursday

yesterday 6:00am walk to client, two loops around Cadman Plaza with light leg stretching for self. Slow, longer walk home. 7:30 am

Pedometer: 7000 Steps (approximately)

10:50 train to Park Slope, leisurely walk across from 9th Street to Union Street, carried Mateo around Carroll Gardens briefly, then up stairs at York Street station (need to count the steps, but what a great leg workout with the extra 25 pounds and my bag!) Used ergo baby carrier.

Pedometer: 12, 675 steps

Tuesday, log, written on Wednesday

Too tired last night to write the log. Super sore after sprint workout, inner thighs, butt and front of left thigh. Super stiff this morning too.

6:00am- 7:30 Brisk walk to client, with run to Cadman Plaza and 2 loops in park. brisk walk home

Pedometer: 6787 steps

10:45 – 1:00 -Dumbo playground with Mateo 

Pedometer: 10, 994 steps

4:15 – 8:00pm – train to Manhattan, carried Mateo up stairs in West 4th train station (4 super long flights, then 2 more flights to friends apartment), played in water playground on west side, near 12th street, beautiful and fun park.

Pedometer: 19,118 steps

no stretching, did relax on the bed while Guillermo did the dishes