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Week 18

Day 1

Ran 35 minutes. Again as before, walked up the hill, sun salutes with chaturanga and side plank,

short tennis (5-10) minutes

pool – light playing/swimming, very light

more pool @ 45 minutes

Day 2

Lots of pool, stretches, abs, back extensions, leg lifts all in the pool. 10 laps, then 4 more laps in the pool, one of them while carrying Mateo- that was really really hard, very winded.

Day 3

30 minute run, stetches, 1 hour pool playing and ballet in the pool.

Day 4

 30 minute run, 15 minute sun salutes, side plank, triangle, tree pose

Some ballet and stretches in the pool 1 hour or more in the pool

rode in car

Day 5


Day 6

25 minutes on treadmill approximately 3 1/2 miles. Treadmills are boring, at least for the first 15 minutes! Leg stretches and lots of chasing Mateo for 2 1/2 hours all over a tennis club.

 Day 7


Week 11, Day 6

Morning run, not sure how long since I added 4 errands in the middle of the run: 1 1/2 loops Cadman Plaza Park, bank on Montague Street, over and down to Jay Street to Sid’s hardware, continued down Jay to Sands Street, to Pearl Street to buy bagels, then back to Jay Street to buy Orange juice… I didn’t run the last block home…  Sun salutations and light stretching: quad on belly, bow pose, inner thighs.

Steps: 5854  3 miles

6:00pm brisk walk with a couple minutes jog, then more brisk walking for 25 minutes to bring the stroller to meet Guillermo and the sleeping Mateo at bus stop.

Pedometer total: 8268 Steps

Week 11, Day 5

8:30 am? morning run — I didn’t look at the clock, about 25 minutes. 2 1/2 loops around Cadman Plaza Park (super cold and windy, planned on doing 3 1/2 loops, but too cold), down Clark Street to the Promenade, down to Water Street, stopped at the bakery, and store for orange juice, brisk walk/jog in between stores and home. Too cold to walk only. 

4 rounds of the sun salutation, 2 sets 6 repetitions (on my knees) pushups, 2 sets 1 arm rows (8 pounds, 12 reps) and stretches!  Mateo joined for a somersault, upward dog and other stretches. First time back doing these type of exercises in a long time: the worst of the 1st trimester is over!!!!!

Pedometer: 5139 Steps

12:30 – 7:30 — various moderate walking around Macy’s.

Pedometer: 12218 Steps

Sunday, reverse run

8:00 am — ran in reverse direction from usual across brooklyn Bridge and then Manhattan bridge.  I will never do that direction again. Too difficult to motivate to run up the Manhattan bridge from Manhattan. 4.0 miles 45 minutes.

8:50 sun salutations 3 rounds interrupted by toddler wanting breakfast. 1 more round and one set of pushups about 20 minutes later.

Pedometer: 6,700 steps

Later: another approximately 3000 steps