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Week 17

Week 17, Day 1

Recorded my activity on this day, but can’t find where I wrote it…..Not sure I did much activity anyway. Packed to go on vacation.

Day 2 

No exercise, no sleep, airplane most of the day, some leg stretches.

Day 3

Short walk around park, 2 sets 5 pushups on bench, 1 set rows on playscape, some light leg stretches.

Day 4

30 minute walk in mall. 4 or 5 downward dogs to make tunnels for a train to pass through.

Day 5

Rode in a car all day, played in a swimming pool with Mateo, 8 or 10 short laps, light stretching. Felt great to move after 6 days of travel and car riding and not moving. Left shoulder hurts though.

Day 6

Ran 35 minutes, walked a bit up the hill, it was too intense after 6 days of not running, felt a bit in the ligaments of the uterus and Braxton hicks contractions, but no much, did 4 rounds sun salutes, side planks and other stretches

2 1/2 hours in and out of the pool

1 hour more in and out of the pool later.

Day 7

swam 10 laps (4 breast stroke, 2 on my back and 4 side stoke) kept my face out of the water, personal preference to not put my face in the water. Swam a bit with Mateo keeping moving all the time.