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Week 10, Day 7

Overslept this morning… Missed my morning run with my client, not a good thing.

7:00– relaxed walking, interspersed with brisk walking. Longer walk 10:15 – 10:50. 

12:00 — 15 minutes moderate walk.

2:45 — 15 minute brisk walk with scootercise

3:15 — Taught Creative Movement class. 45 minutes – running, jumping, falling, dancing, rolling, slithering.

4:45 — short scootercise followed by painful carrying of 26 pound toddler, scooter, a bag of cat food, and a very heavy bag full of water bottles and other stuff. Mateo fell asleep while I was carrying him, so dead weight in my left arm, a very painful 15 minute walk to go 3 blocks…..

Pedometer: 13852 Steps

Week 10, Day 3

7:10 AM , Brisk 15 minute walk, 

7:30 AM 40 minute moderate walk and leg stretches

8:25 Am 15 minute brisk walk 

Pedometer: 7653 Steps

10:00 AM, Leisurely walks interspersed with carrying 25 pound toddler, bag and umbrella until 1:00 PM

Pedometer: 12900 Steps

4:00 PM 20 minutes pushing toddler in stroller, 6:00 running errands.

Total steps for day: 17180

Week 9, Day 7

8:50 am — Brisk 15 minute walk

10:05– brisk walk with errands, 25 minutes

Pedometer: 5405 steps

Toss Your Toddler class cancelled due to no participants, but did 10 minute of fun dancing and jumping with Mateo, plus various walking.

Pedometer: 11732 Steps

Wednesday, Week 6, Day 2

Pedometer: 10887 Steps, just walking and some somersaults, abdominal exercises with and wrestling my toddler Mateo on the bed.

Tuesday, way too much activity!

6:00 AM brisk walk to work followed by 20 plus minutes running, light leg stretching. Brisk walk 25 minutes. Moderate walk 45 minutes. light stretching. Brisk 15 minute walk. 8:45am

Steps: 13900 Steps

10:15 – 1:00 Moderate walk and playground playing, with 12 minutes carrying 25 pounds of tired toddler.

3:45 – 6:00 Moderate walk, scootercise, chasing a frisbee, more scootercise, then pulling the exhausted 25 pound toddler while he stood on his scooter.

Steps: 21691


6:00am – 15 min. brisk walk, 3 loops Cadman Plaza park – running, light stretching for legs

7:30 am – 50 minute walk moderate pace

8:25 am – 15 minute super brisk walk

Pedometer: 12836 Steps

9:10 am walk to train then across Park Slope

10:00 am taught Toss Your Toddler class – didn’t wear pedometer

12:50 pm Pedometer: 16497 steps.

7:15 pm more walking

Pedometer total for day: 18,600 steps

Saturday noon for friday

9:00 am 15 minute brisk walk.

10:15 – 11:00 am Ran errands.

3:50 Walk to Cadman Plaza and sat and jumped off a wall multiple times with toddler.

6:10 Walk home carrying 25 pound toddler


Wednesday, too tired, slept in, so no run

Actually I did run, but it was because I was later than I wanted to be…

10:15 Left to teach Sling Your Baby dance class, jogged to get there on time, danced with class participants and partnered a toddler (5 pounds heavier than my own). moderate walk to get Mateo, then threw rocks with Mateo into the river. Home 1:30

Pedometer: 8240 steps

4:45 – 6:45 out and about, carried Mateo most of the way home, with a bit of tossing the toddler over the shoulder and upside down.

Pedometer: 14,904steps