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Week 20

Day 1

15 minute brisk walk

50 minute leisurely walk

10 minute walk to subway

10 minute walk with Mateo and 5 minute walk carrying Mateo

Yoga and stretches after running back and forth across the apartment and jumping over a puzzle box and the completed puzzle with Mateo. Mateo joined in the stretches also.

Day 2

15 brisk walk

10:30 Taught Toss Your Toddler dance class

11:30 Taught Sling Your Baby dance class

15 minute brisk walk

Day 3

15 minute walk 

30 minute moderate walk

10 minute run to get home

Day 4

15 minute brisk walk

20 minute moderate walk

10:05  25 minute brisk walk (from Flatbush Ave and Prospect Place to Livingston and Smith street)

10:50  15 minute brisk walk from  Livingston and Smith streets to Bridge Street and home) 

Pedometer: 9950 Steps

Walk to park and throw rocks in the water, carried Mateo home. 

Pedometer: 11949 Steps

Day 5

No organized activity: walked and ran at times around Ikea in Brooklyn while chasing Mateo

Day 6

No organized activity: some stretches, lots of cleaning, mopping, dusting etc, short 8 minute walk to store and 8 minute back.

Day 7

6:00 am 15 minute brisk walk plus warm up with client, 7:10 2nd warmup with different client, 1 set of rotator cuff exercise with therabands.

8:05 am 20 minute brisk walk

Pedometer: 4320 steps

2:45 pm Scootercise to Brooklyn Dojo for Creative Movement Class. 

3:15 Lot’s of running, jumping, dancing for 45 minutes

4:25 pm More scootercise to get home, indirectly.

Pedometer: 9126 Steps (not quite 10,0000, but pretty good for a pregnant mom…)

Week 11, Day 7

Writing this, again, 5 days late:  Did not wear pedometer. Walked in Manhattan various, not too much, maybe 4000 steps total.

2:45 left to teach Creative Movement class. Lot’s of movement, dancing, balancing, jumping and walzing while carrying 4 different kids (one at a time), the lightest was 26 pounds. The rest were 30 plus pounds.  After class did a bit of the toddler partnering from Toss Your Toddler, including Shoulder stand, where Mateo balances on my shoulders — good whole body stabilizing. Carried the 26 pounder and his scooter about 10 minutes after class.


8:45 Brisk walk 15 min. 

Leisurely walks and light stretching

11:00 am taught Sling Your Baby dance class, did wall pushups

12:05 brisk walk 10 min.

12:30 brisk walk 10 min then more leisurely walking until 1:30

2:40 Scootercise (for definition see Lynne’s fitness adventures) and then carrying scooter and toddler.

3:15 Toss Your Toddler class

4:15 light walking, some scootercise and some carrying toddler 5:45.

Pedometer:16749– didn’t wear during Toss Your Toddler class

Monday of too much teaching

8:45 – brisk 15 minute walk.

10:15 more walking

11:00 – taught Sling Your Baby class

12:00 more walking and then walk from fountain near farmer’s market to home 12:25 – 12:50

Pedometer: 10042 Steps

2:45 – leisurely walk with toddler carry part way

3:15 taught Toss Your Toddler class – lots of jumping

4:15 -leisurely walk, playground swinging, and pushing a swing.

5:40 – 6:00 walk home carrying toddler

Pedometer 153377

Feet super tired by end of day.